Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gold filled earrings with mother-of-pearl, amethyst, faceted pearls, and Maui shells.
Gem stones sterling silver necklace with sea shells from Maui with matching earrings. Gem stones are labrodolite, aquamarine, iolyte, and amethyst.

Gold filled bracelet and earrings set with gemstones and shells. Gemstones are carnelian, garnet, and citrine and sunrise shell.

Gold filled shell earrings with momi and kahelelani shells with honey cowries with green sand on back of shells.

Sterling silver earrings with lapis lazuli and amethyst, freshwater pearls, and kahelelani shells.

Sterling silver earrings with puka shells, quarts crystal and turguoise.

Bracelet and earrings set with strawberry quartz, sunrise shell chips, and gold-filled chain and earring hooks.

Necklace with sunrise shell, kaheleilani shells and pearl on gold-filled chain with sunrise shell entwined with gold wire.

Puka shell necklace on sterling chain.

Beach glass necklace on sterling chain with sterling wire entwined on beach glass. SOLD

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jewelry Available to Order

Shell bracelet and earrings
Hawaiian lei necklace kaheleilana shells. 500.00

Beaded necklace and earrings.

Turquois and coral necklace with carved pearl whale tail.

Turquoise and coral bracelet.

Jade and amber with shells bracelet.

Demi parure amethist and shell set.

Demi Parure set with tiny auger shells.

Jade and shell necklace with carved pearl sea turtle.

Traditional Hawaiian fishhook carved from

fossil ivory.

Coral and kaheleilana shell necklace.

Each item is custom made so no two

pieces are identical. Similar items can

be made to order. Email us for prices

and more pictures.